About Bitfinex

The Hong Kong-based crypto exchange Bitfinex, launched in 2012 and initially founded as a Bitcoin P2P margin lending platform, is one of the largest Bitcoin exchange platform by trading volume since 2014. Bitfinex offers several advanced trading strategies like margin trading and technical analysis tools (trend lines, fibonacci tools & indicators) for experienced crypto traders. Additionally, it has the handy feature “margin lending”, which lets its users earn interest on the lending of both digital and fiat assets to investors trading with leverage. Cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals require no verification. However, Bitfinex requires one of the strictest verification processes for making fiat currency deposits/withdrawals. The exchange has a trading fee schedule contingent on one’s trading history which differentiates between maker fees (free-0.10%) and taker fees (0.10%-0.20%) and. Updates on fees are communicated to the community via the provided link.