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This platform from Spotware Systems is a trading platform that introduces beginners to ECN trading conditions. This goes hand in hand with cAlgo, which is a platform used to build algorithms used in cTrader.

cTrader allows traders to make a number of exits on forex positions, and also allows the display of market depth on brokerage order books. Beginners can also make deposit and withdrawal transactions in the platform interface.

cTrader has a desktop and web-based version. The web-based version loads fairly easily, and also has new features introduced to the latest version: “cTrader Copy”. This is a cTrader social trading product, and allows beginners to copy successful trader trading from within the cTrader platform itself! This is an amazing innovation and has brought the concept of social trade to a higher level.

Although the cTrader interface is a little more difficult to obtain than MT4, beginners can easily reset the interface to make customized workspace settings.