World Bank Law Internship

Health Insurance: World Bank Law Interns are responsible for their own health insurance and all costs resulting from accidents and/or illnesses during the internship, and must provide proof of valid global health insurance coverage. Are you the equivalent of a senior college aspirant working on a career in the trading room of a major bank, investment or private equity firm, or one of the departments that support that function? Get a big boost along the way with a summer internship in treasury. The World Bank`s 2022 Legal Internship is a highly competitive internship that attracts harmful and knowledgeable law students from around the world. Through this internship, the World Bank offers individuals the opportunity to expand their skills while remaining in a multinational and diverse environment. The World Bank internship is also known to the legal community as the World Bank`s Legal Vice President. The Legal Vice-Presidency enables distinguished and accomplished law students to find innovative and exemplary solutions to legal problems and to enhance and refresh their legal skills. While we hope COVID-19 conditions will improve around the world, we are able to welcome financial interns working in the U.S. or around the world. If working conditions in the office are reasonable through the summer, we expect summer cash interns to be available to work full-time in Washington, DC. The World Bank Internship Program typically seeks candidates for: operations (frontline) in the following areas: economics, finance, human development (public health, education, nutrition, population), social sciences (anthropology, sociology), agriculture, environment, engineering, urban planning, natural resource management, private sector development, and other related fields; or business support (accounting, communications, human resources management, information technology, treasury and other business services). WB pays all interns an hourly wage and, if necessary, provides a subsidy for travel expenses up to a maximum of $3,000 at the discretion of the manager.

These travel expenses can only include transportation costs (flight costs) to or from the city of employment. Interns are responsible for their own accommodation. Due to the needs of the company, most intern positions are located in Washington, D.C., with a few others in World Bank country offices. As a general rule, internship opportunities are at least four weeks. The WB internship is offered twice a year: • Summer internship (May-September): The application period is from December 1st to January 31st of each year. • Winter internship (November-March): The application period is from 1 to 31 October each year. All applications must be submitted online and during the respective application period. (We do not accept email applications.) We believe that poverty knows no borders, and neither does excellence. With staff in Chennai, Sofia, Singapore, Tokyo and Washington, the World Bank`s Ministry of Finance represents more than 50 nationalities, and our management team comes from all regions of the world. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and egalitarian employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Treasury also has a dedicated diversity, equity and inclusion team that advises you on hiring protocols, career growth and public relations. Learn more about Treasury`s greatest strength: its diverse and dedicated employees. While completely optional, candidates are encouraged to send us a maximum of half a page to understand what their personal background would contribute to our workplace. Up to six internships are offered every four months, for a period of at least 12 weeks and at least 10 hours of work per week. The internship periods are September-December, January-April and May-August. The internships will take place at the Center`s headquarters in Washington, D.C. (unless travel restrictions are in place due to COVID). ICSID offers unpaid internship opportunities to graduate students who are eligible and qualified for an internship (sometimes called external) in accordance with its academic regulations and World Bank Group requirements (see below). The main objective of the internships is to provide students interested in international investment dispute settlement and international investment law with a better understanding of ICSID`s work, enhance their academic and professional goals, and contribute to ICSID`s mission. To this end, the center is looking for enthusiastic and energetic candidates who can work effectively in a team environment. Capital markets are the key to transforming society.

Since its first bond nearly 75 years ago, the World Bank has made many “firsts.” Our goal is not only to raise funds at the most reasonable cost for our client countries, but also to develop innovative solutions to the world`s toughest development challenges. Our history shows that financial markets, when used innovatively and effectively, are a powerful force for good. We manage the institution`s finances to facilitate all World Bank operations and loans. Each year, we issue more than $50 billion in bonds, prudently manage more than $180 billion in assets, and process more than $7 trillion in transactions. The World Bank Group is a leading source of finance and knowledge for developing countries; A unique global partnership of five institutions committed to ending extreme poverty, increasing shared prosperity and promoting sustainable development. With 189 member countries and more than 120 offices worldwide, we work with public and private sector partners, investing in groundbreaking projects and using data, research and technology to develop solutions to the world`s most pressing challenges.