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“Our recent Legal Learning Survey found that 48% of companies struggle to monitor training, so we wanted our courses to not only be easily delivered through our Learning Management System (LMS), but also easy for companies and employees to track and visualize progress and assign courses to others. Ed Jones, product manager for legal content at Access Legal, explains that the legal technology specialist has created a CQS offering that goes beyond the required curricula and quality assurance framework: the webinar shows which CQS courses are available to users through the Access Legal Learning Management System. It also explains how to manage users, assign courses to learners, find and complete courses, report progress, access certificates of completion, and access support. 2. Make sure your software reaches its full potential A good legal practice management system with a mediation workflow and other related modules facilitates your CQS accreditation process and gives you a better chance of success. If your organisation has more than 16 employees who need to take the refresh courses, you can take advantage of our price capped at £1,100 + VAT (£1,320) for unlimited access to training. “We are pleased to be the only other accredited provider of CQS training in the industry outside of the Law Society, and these updated courses are part of our ongoing strategy to lead legal learning in the industry. CQS helps companies minimize the risk of claims and protect their reputation while providing access to advice from lenders involved in real estate transactions without having to do as much due diligence as unaccredited businesses. Courses last no more than two hours and are followed by a short assessment.

Our courses have a modular structure and can be taken module by module if necessary. Our team will learn about your needs and find solutions for you. Accreditation takes 12 months after graduation and up to six weeks before the end of the company`s accreditation, transfer practices may request a new accreditation. The evaluation follows a three-year cycle. The first year is the main evaluation, and then short re-evaluation audits take place in the second and third years. Download your free CQS Accreditation Examination Service brochure from Access Legal. This service includes a comprehensive review of the company`s policies, controls and procedures against CQS management standards. An Access Legal CQS expert will have an in-depth discussion to understand how policies, controls and procedures work in practice. It is followed by a report on our findings and any recommendations for improvement, whether in terms of obtaining accreditation for the first time or maintaining accreditation. SRO`s mission is to promote this practice globally and ensure that they lead by example and have an open-door policy that works in accordance with the firm`s Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP) and its Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO). Avoiding an atmosphere of fear or blame is key.

A culture of motivation is more likely to stimulate hunger throughout the team to achieve and maintain compliance. 3. Land Registry Requirements and Restrictions The new Form RXC, which helps developers comply with consent or certificate restrictions, is something to consider. As well as changes to the deadlines for the land register and the need to avoid unnecessary complaints that can lead to delays in registration. This mandatory course, which is new for 2021, is specifically designed for newcomers or support team members who have not yet completed CQS courses. Thank you for contacting us. We will contact you as soon as possible. To maintain the quality standard, certified members must complete mandatory annual training and employees must complete the basic training, Financial Crime and Protocol in Practice, within six months of a company`s certification. New employees must also take care of it within six months of joining.

For those who have already completed basic training, they must take refresher courses, including transfer practice and risk and compliance. There must be evidence of the effectiveness of your policies and procedures, as well as employee understanding and enforcement. Test personnel`s understanding is achieved through robust monitoring and record checks, which are also a requirement of the CQS management standards. If your firm is accredited with the QCC, you will need to take mandatory training if you: If you took this training with a previous organization, you do not need to take it again. After the training, the company`s SRO is fully aware of its RESPONSIBILITIES in terms of CQS and knows exactly who needs to be trained at the CQS in practice, according to the criteria of involvement of each individual in the transfer process. Training providers may offer some or all of the training courses. Check with the provider of your choice to see if they offer the courses you need and how much they cost. The Senior Officer In Charge (SRO) must complete a basic training course that covers all aspects of the role in depth. The job holder must ensure that all sponsors in practice also complete their mandatory QCC training. This includes all sponsors, qualified and unqualified, permanent and local, management executives and non-executives.

Among other reasons, violating system rules, failing to do anything that harms the reputation of the system, or adding an unacceptable risk to the system are examples of rejecting the application for CQS accreditation. 1. The latest news on stamp duty property tax (England) and property tax transactions (Wales) For companies choosing CQS, it is important to make sure it is up to date with the latest information on stamp duty property tax (SDLT) in England and property transaction tax (LTT) in Wales. It`s a good idea to update the bases, exam rates, thresholds, leave, and calendars, and make sure you have the relevant documented procedures in place in accordance with CQS. Since Access Legal, the cost is the same – meaning that for two core courses or two compulsory courses, it costs £70 + VAT per user (£35 + VAT per user per course), and it is also capped at £1100 per business. Obtained from Access Legal for these investment law firms: This assessment should only be completed once during the life of the accreditation, unless otherwise specified by our CQS team. The mandatory SRO course is currently only offered at the Bar. Although all other CQS courses are also available from Access Group, this course is currently not available. By taking this course, you will have a solid understanding of the basic principles and impact on the transport industry: In view of the accreditation of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, we recommend that you review the configuration of your system to ensure that the practice makes the most of the software you are using. Access Group has three different software packages designed specifically for law firms, all of which include features specifically designed for brokerage firms, as well as many tools to save time and improve the effectiveness of best practices management practices. Book a free demo for our Access Legal software. Companies accredited by the CQS can meet their mandatory training obligations through our engaging, practical and interactive online training.

Access Legal is the only authorized provider of CQS training outside the Bar and supports more than 1,000 businesses. Considerations before applying for CQS accreditation To learn more and secure your CQS training with us, fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Book today or learn more about Update 2021: Risk, Compliance and Client The program went live in early 2011 and is available to law firms that offer residential transfer services. Law firms must be authorised/regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) in order to apply. The SRO should decide whether key assistants should complete the training. It depends on their participation in the transfer process. In easy-to-understand 30-minute modules, you cover everything you need to support your CQS accreditation. If you are new to CQS, simply complete the basic training course to obtain accreditation. 5. Use the full QCC guides There are many helpful guides for your SRO (Senior Managing Officer) and other staff regarding the Assignment Quality System available from the Law Society. Here are the top downloads you`ll need: 1. Transfer Practice All members of the support team should take this course, which covers all recent developments and updates to the law, policy, and practice of home transfer, as well as any changes affecting transactions.

This must be done within six months of accreditation or team membership. 2. Risk, Compliance and Customer Service Here too, all mediation employees must be trained within six months: 6. Be sure to fill out all the right forms There are a number of forms that you need to fill out and submit via email for the company`s CQS accreditation application.